Blaise pascal and the question of believing in god

In this wireless philosophy video, susanna rinard (harvard university) explains pascal's wager, blaise pascal's famous argument for belief in god lifting an. I have always considered pascal's wager a questionable bet to place, since any god worth believing in would prefer an honest agnostic to a calculating hypocrite. The implications of blaise pascal's wager and his the question of what to tell to the skeptical mind of that age became important 1 if you believe in god. Ciberteologia - journal of theology & culture - year iii, n 20 73 how blaise pascal came to my bed to question me about my reasons for believing in god. Discover blaise pascal quotes about god share with friends create amazing picture quotes from blaise pascal quotations either i believe in god or i don't of.

If i believe in god and life after death and you do not, and if there is no god, we both lose when we die however, if there is a god, you still lose and i gain everything blaise pascal. Belief in god is the best bet, according to pascal's wager and scientist blaise pascal, god's existence was beside the point he conceded that nobody knows. Robert peterson there are only four possibilities, four and only four the question being 'should i believe that a christian theistic god exists.

The argument, made by the 17th -century french mathematician and philosopher blaise pascal, holds that believing in god is a good bet at any odds, since the possible payoff — eternal happiness — far outweighs any costs of believing — even of believing in a god who does not exist. Blaise pascal (/ p æ ˈ s k æ l, p ɑː ˈ s k pascal's wager, to justify belief in god and a virtuous specifically the question of how people come to be. Why it's not a 'safe bet' to believe in god pascal's wager, after blaise pascal, the philosopher who most famously formulated it the which god question renders pascal's wager utterly. Blaise pascal: the wager the question of whether or not god exists has over the years elicited a heated debate among different philosophers with each one of them. Get an answer for 'blaise pascal said belief in god is rational please explain his thinking' and find homework help for other blaise pascal questions at enotes.

Pascal's wager refers to the argument put forward by the french mathematician and philosopher blaise pascal (june 19, 1623-august 19, 1662) in his book, les pensées, pascal reveals an interesting twist to the rationality of believing in god. Wager, then, without hesitation, that he exists - blaise pascal quotes from brainyquotecom i believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the. Matt fradd opens up a discussion about pascal's wager, the argument that lays out why—in the end— believing in god is more beneficial for us than not believi.

This is philosophy: god blaise pascal's argument that it is rational to believe that god exists because it is only if god exists that you have something to win. How do atheists respond to pascal's wager blaise pascal once introduced a thought experiment which goes something like this: atheists think that they cease to exist when they die a lot of theists think that you will be rewarded or punished in an afterlife depending on your belief in god and on your deeds. Pascal on faith and reason: thoughts beyond the wager there are quotations from blaise pascal's to the question about god is to insist on searching and to.

The atheist's wager can be different than pascal's wager in that pascal is assuming the christian god, question: why believe this , blaise pascal. Pascal takes a pragmatic view and argues that believing in god makes practical sense as the advantages of believing in god far outweighs the disadvantages like many others, william kingdon clifford, an english philosopher, criticizes pascal's reasoning, stating that he had no right to believe on such evidence as was before him (clifford. Pensees, by blaise pascal § iii of the necessity of the wager shall i believe i am nothing shall i believe i am god who will dare to undertake the. Pascal was really arguing for reasons to seek god, not directly to believe in god he thought that if a person were to honestly seek god, then that person would come to belief we have to make the wager (whether god exists or not) because if we live our lives without god, we are betting he doesn't exist.

Start studying introduction to philosophy begging the question/viscious circle makes the pragmatic argument that believing in god is rational insofar as it. What is pascal's wager pascal's wager is an argument for the existence of god developed by 17th century mathematician and philosopher blaise pascal pascal's wager is the most famous part of his collection of notes known as the pensées. Question: what is pascal's wager answer: pascal's wager is named after 17th-century french philosopher and mathematician blaise pascal one of pascal's most famous works was the pensées (thoughts), which was published posthumously in 1670 it is in this work that we find what is known as. Pascal's wager breaks with the tradition of arguing for the existence of god on the basis of reason, instead putting forth a practical reason for believing in god, or at least acting as if he exists.

blaise pascal and the question of believing in god Stupid questions share  famous blaise pascal quotes below  necessity, and can believe nothing else there is a god shaped vacuum in the heart of every man.
Blaise pascal and the question of believing in god
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